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Help with the PagerBox Login

What is the Pagerbox Login?
The PagerBox website supports individualized username and password logins which allow you to use specialized features such as:

  • Page Forwarding
  • . Have your messages forwarded to the on-call individual when you are out of the hospital.
  • Personal Announcements
  • . Create a specialized announcement or instructions that appear whenever a message is sent to you.
  • Off-campus access
  • . Access PagerBox from off campus. We will be phasing out the group login in a few months.
  • Review history
  • . Review your log of messages and account changes.
    and more features, when they become available.

    How do I obtain a PagerBox Login account?
    If you are already listed on PagerBox, your username and password can be sent to you automatically. Type your PAGER NUMBER into the field below:
    Pager Number:
    If you already have a login, your current username and password will be sent to you. If you do not have a loginname, a new one will be created for you automatically. If you are having problems using this form, please contact "Help."

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