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·**Children's Acute Stroke Activation**
·**MZ Code Sepsis
·**UCSF Moffitt CODE Stroke Activation**
·**VA Code Stroke Activation**
·**ZSFG Stroke Team Activation**
·*Code HEART*
·*IR On Call Team Activation
·*UCSF Mission Bay Code Sepsis Activation
·*UCSF Parnassus Code Sepsis Activation*
·Ambulatory Services
·Audiology & Speech Pathology, SF VAMC
·Cardiothoracic Surgery
·Cardiovascular Research Institute
·Care Support Program
·Case Management/Social Work
·CDPH Patient Safety Licensing Survey
·Central Resource Group
·Centralized Monitor Techs
·Child Life Services
·Clinical Labs - SFGH
·Clinical Labs - VAMC
·Clinical Labs UCSF Ebola Alert
·Clinical Labs UCSF Urgent Notifications
·Clinical Technologies After-Hours Pager
·Community Behavioral Health Services
·Comprehensive Cancer Center
·Critical Care
·Critical Care NP's
·EHR Project
·Emergency Department
·Environment, Health & Safety
·Family and Community Medicine @ SFGH
·Family Medicine Center at Lakeshore
·General Internal Medicine
·HICS Group
·High Census Alert-Mount Zion
·High Census Alert-Parnassus
·Home Care
·Hospital Medicine
·Human Resources
·Infection Control
·Infectious Diseases
·Information Technology
·Interpreter Services
·Interventional Radiology
·IPRP Staff
·Lab Survey Notification
·Lakeside Senior Medical Center
·Medical Center Administration
·Medical Center Facilities
·Medical Students
·Neurointerventional Radiology
·Nuclear Medicine
·Nutrition and Food Services
·Obstetrics & Gynecology
·Occupational and Environmental Medicine
·Operations Improvement
·Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
·Orthopedic Surgery
·Pain Service
·Palliative Care Services
·Patient and Staff Services-Parnassus
·Patient Care Directors PCD
·Patient Care Directors PCD Oncall Group 4433911
·Patient Relations
·Patient Services & Service Excellence
·PCICU Family Pagers
·Pediatric Rehabilitation
·Pediatric Sedation
·Pediatric Transplant
·Peds Blood and Marrow Transplant
·Perioperative Services
·Pisces 12
·Positive Health Program, SFGH
·Primary Care Services
·Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
·Quality Improvement
·Radiation Oncology
·Radiation Safety
·Rapid Response Team
·Regulatory Affairs
·Rehabilitative Services
·Respiratory Care Service
·Russ Test
·SFGH Rehabilitative Services
·SFGH Surgery
·SFGH Utilization Management
·SFVA Rehab Services
·Smoking Cessation Counseling
·Social Work
·Spiritual Care Services
·Support Services
·Transplant CMS On-Site Notification
·Transplant Hepatology
·UCSF Health Emergency Management
·Urgent Care Center
·VA Informatics
·Vascular Laboratory
·ZSFG AntiCoag - Amb Care Urgent

·All PagerBox requests (add, update existing data, deactivate)-

please open an UCSF Service Now ticket by using an UCSF network connected computer and going to: and select "Pagerbox Requests" option OR call the UCSF IT Service Desk to open a ticket : 415-514-4100

IPRP Staff
IPRP Staff

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