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10CVT RN Open Shift Group
10ICC Nursing Staff
11AHU RN Open Shift Group
11L RN's Open Shift Group
13 Long
14 L 4 Hours Open Break Shift
14 L 8 Hour Open Break Shift
14 L A Shift Open Group
14 L P Shift Open Shift Group
14 Moffitt
· 14M PCA's Open Shift Group· 14M RN's Open Shift Group
14L PCA's Open Shift Group
14L RN's Open Shift Group
· Days· Nights
5D-SFGH Nurses Open Shift
· Day Shift· Night Shift
6 Long
· 6 Long Neuro TCU
7L Open Shift Group
· 7N PCA· 7N RN· CCTCU· Mangers
8 Long
8 Long Unit Group Page
8 South Surgical TCU
Adult Infusion Center, Open Shift Group
Assistant Patient Care Managers
· Adult Assistant Patient Care Managers Med/Surg· Adult Assistant Patient Care ManagersCritical Care· Pediatrics/Woman's & Children· Perioperative Services
BCH Children's Emergency Department
Birth Center Extra Shift Group
· HUSC· OB Tech· PCAs· RN
Centralized Monitoring RN's
Charge RNs
· Children's· Critical Care· Med/Surg
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Clinical Nurse Specialist-Pediatrics
Clinical Nursing Informatics
H32/38 ICU
· Day Shift· Night Shift
H34/36 ICU
· Day Shift· Night Shift
HICU Team - Adult ICU RN's
Institute for Nursing Excellence
IV Nurse Clinician
MB Adult Preop/PACU Open Shift
MB Pediatric PACU RNs
Mission Bay Adult Acute Care 5&6
· 5 North
· MSICU CCNP· MSICU Nursing Staff
Mt. Zion Perioperative Services
· Mt Zion Periop Core Leadership· MZ OR Anesthesia Tech· MZ OR Clinical Leadership Group· MZ Periop PCAs· MZ Periop PSAs
MZ Preop Extra Shifts
Nurse Practitioner
Nursing Education
· Nursing Educator· OR Educator
Nursing PI
PARN RRT Staffing group
Patient Care Directors
Patient Care Managers
· Adult Patient Care Managers Critical Care· Adult Patient Care Managers Med/Surg· Pediatrics· Perioperative Services
PCICU at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital
· Critical Care Floats
PICC Nurse
San Francisco VAMC Nursing
· NP Student· Unit 1A· Unit 2B· Unit TCU
SFGH Nurse
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